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Isobar Business Breakfast

Join professionals from leading brands to discuss what they experienced in 2019. Take part in the conversation on market trends in 2019 and 2020..

Friday, 6th December at 8.30

Isobar Office
Havlíčkova 3
Nové Město, Praha

Some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Did any 2019 market trend catch you by surprise?
  • How did your business have to adapt?
  • How do you see the market developing in 2020?

To share some of our own Isobar experience, Ivan Valev, Head of Sales for EMEA, will share the Isobar 2019 point of view, focusing on:

  • What we were expecting from the market
  • What surprised us in a good way
  • What surprised us in a bad way
  • Our thoughts on the market in 2020

Join us and do NOT FORGET to register!

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Contact person:
Kateřina Křížová
e-mail katerina.krizova@isobar.com
phone: +420 720 187 886

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